Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a safe, non invasive Cosmetic Dentistry procedure which is administered under the supervision of a dental professional. This process may be used to change the colour of the tooth structure. It is a proven and effective cosmetic dental procedure. The agents used to whiten teeth have been in use for more than 60 years.

How does it work?

The active ingredient used in teeth whitening is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). The oxygen element penetrates the teeth and oxidises the stains and pigments within their structure. The basic chemical action involves the long chain colour molecules to break down into shorter chains therefore changing the optical appearance of the molecules, which in turn makes the teeth appear lighter in colour. The shade of the teeth is improved, without altering the structure.

How safe is it?

Clinical studies have indicated that, under the supervision of a dental health professional, Teeth Whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide is safe for teeth and gums, with no long term side effects. Research indicates that there is no increase in the need for any dental treatment as a result of Teeth Whitening.

Teeth whitening options

We offer 2 different whitening treatments here at Smiles On Norton:

1. ‘In Office’ and ‘At Home’

We offer Pola by SDI for a whiter brighter you. Pola is a concentrated teeth whitening system which is applied directly to the tooth surface which is then activated by a unique light. The whitening results are achieved at an accelerated rate. As a supplement to this procedure, we like to make the ‘At Home’ kit for you as well. By using the ‘At Home’ kit for a few days post ‘Pola’, the colour is stabilised and you have less of a “fade back” in the shade. We will show you how to use your custom made kit at home, this will allow for you to maintain your white teeth indefinitely.

2. At Home

At home teeth whitening is a results achieving alternative. We fabricate custom made upper and lower trays (imagine a mouthguard which is only a millimetre thick and clear) which are used to administer professional strength whitening gel at home. This teeth whitening method is more gradual, eventually achieving the same result as the in office whitening system (approximately 2-3 weeks but this time frame can vary).
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