White Composite Fillings

Composite fillings consist of acrylic resin and finely ground glass-like particles mixed to a paste consistency to produce a tooth-coloured restoration which is then moulded to the shape of the tooth, so you can retain your natural looking smile.

A substantial benefit of choosing a white filling restoration is that composite fillings require less natural tooth structure to be removed when preparing your tooth, thus enabling a smaller filling than if an amalgam filling were placed.

The tooth is prepared by removing all the decay and then treated with a special solution to make the surface slightly rough, which will ensure a stronger bond between the composite material and enamel is achieved.

The composite filling is placed in thin layers and sculpted to the form and shape required; a specially developed curing light hardens each layer before the next one is applied. Once the desired shape is achieved, it is polished to a tooth-like lustre.

For further information regarding white composite resin fillings and how they can rejuvenate your smile, schedule an assessment appointment with one of our friendly and highly trained team members at Smiles on Norton.